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If you are on the fence about getting a target credit card known as the red card. Today I’m going to show you exactly how much money I saved in one year using the red card. I empty the CPA along with with my sidekick super weak people information that matter so you can live your life on cage whoever shop at Target you’ll know what i mean when i say that you can bet your life that .

When you walked up to that check register, they’re going to ask you a question. They’re gonna ask you the same question in many different way, if you want to take five percent with your red car. Today will you be using your red card today to save five percent fault, if you want to sign up for a red car today. So I’ll be honest with you guys finally one day out of a moment of weakness. I sign up for the risk after all those years of hearing about signing up for this red card, i spend anymore. i just had to sign up they broke gout playing up to the red-carded can’t face the Barclays to stop asking, I’ll fill it with everyone drinks the kool-aid give me the cardinal sign on the dotted line. Just stop asking me now chipper on the other hand that bird is disciplined they just can’t break that bird down .

Target RedCard Pros and Cons

when they asked him that same question he had a different response now first things first. I am NOT going to encourage credit card debt and if you cannot manage money or if you’re spending addict do not get this card don’t even consider it. I am NOT encouraging credit card debt nor will I ever are so let’s dive right into the purpose of the pros of this having the cart biggest first of course is knowing. You’re going to save five percent now honestly five percent is even hard to get in the investment ranger in these days . Read also about Uber Credit Card Review

Is the Target Red Card a Scam?

I persist not bad better and all you have to do is swipe a card now the great part is that five percent works on everything in the store. So it works on things that are on shell things that are already in clarence. It works personally on everything in the store except prescription but with a prescription. What you purchased enough of them then they’ll give you a coupon that will allow you to get five percent off. So it still worked at the pharmacy as well which is why the fiber event is a pretty fulfill the great part about the card is that you can either get the debit card or the credit card version of it.

So if you don’t feel comfortable with a credit card. You can get the debit card. It’s like you’re paying cash with everything to the stories to paying cash now which one did I get now for myself personally instead of getting the debit card. I got the credit card. why I got the credit card because of zero over zero liability if your credit card gets stolen from you or if it gets hacked online. They somehow access to credit card information. I like that because, with the debit card, they could directly get into my checking account if they were to use it so their credit card.

They can’t they cannot touch my cash and fact I purchase everything. I possibly can on credit because as three or four different points in my life. I have had to get a new credit card doesn’t I’m not talking about the record here and talk about all kinds of credit cards because eyes on to someplace that had their virtual database back. It’s happening all over the world is home depot it’s Walmart its target all these different major stores are getting hacked, so that’s why I show the credit card. I figured at some point at some time in the future. I might get that credit card information stolen. So I don’t want to have any liability which is why I went with a credit card alright the third benefit of gardens probably true for all credit cards, but if you pay off your credit card balance in full by the end of the month you will pay zero interest you still say price for sense, but you pay zero attention not to back other benefits the fourth benefit is hard has no annual fee the fifth benefit is.
If you shop online you get free shipping as long as you use the red card benefit number seven if you like to pay your bills online you can even go online to the target redcard account and set up autopay the unit have to think about it. Still, you can pay your balance and pulls that way. I’ll show you in the slides kind of what it looks like and how you act a red card account right. Here the last major benefit of the target redcard that i can think of is that you get an additional 30 days to return an item above the normal return to date on your recent. We talked about the pros benefit. So let’s talk about the cons one of the times is you can only use the card at target the red card stuff. You cannot use that other swords best of my knowledge. You have to use just a target store these are limited to that what’s the interest rate on this card on number two interest rate will punch you end up faith interest rate is a whopping 23 for dead.

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