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Today discussion is about the Target RedCard. Lets starts, As you do not want to be paying twenty percent annual interest on number three obviously by getting this card target once you to spend more money at target they have ulterior motive ladies and gentlemen they want you to develop your spending habits after store pretty smart huh they’re thinking about it they’re thinking up in the marketing department of going to work you don’t have your money at their floor you can choose not right number for late payment fees alright late payment seeds at target if you pay late it’s a nice kick in the groin will come in at $35.

Target RedCard

If you pay late now if you make a payment but the repayment gets returned on your card, and that’s a whopping $25 returned payment be out. In conclusion, I can’t believe I’m saying this. Still, I’m glad that I signed up for the target red card credit card. I spend on average about 65-70 dollars per week at target shop there every week, so that’s one of the reasons why it benefits me and getting I got the car down January force of 2016.

So I started at the beginning of the year and during a whole year and allows you to save an additional hundred and eighty-two dollars at by the end of the year just like swiping that card. If you break it down into a net monthly savings number I’m saving roughly fifteen dollars a month. It’s not huge. Still, fifty dollars a month and quickly papers gym memberships Netflix Hulu or something. So it’s a significant saving because I was going to spend the money any way. I only purchase things I needed I didn’t go above and beyond to buy things like TVs. I just bought basic household supplies grocery here and there. So it turned out good deal for me the best part of all don’t want to know how much interest I paid I paid zero in risk because I pay off my card every few weeks contact all the credit card tyonne.

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...Target RedCard Pros and Cons

I always pay them off everything week i have not paid interest since.

Target Store Savings

I was probably about 18 or 19 years old on a credit card on 32 today. Still, for the most part, I just don’t pay interest so just as long as you manage it well that’s not going to help problem is going to be a benefit for you. It could be worth it reason against the card is that one if you don’t shop at Target very often you’re probably not going to get some benefit out of it. So I wouldn’t get it if your only shot if you shop there less than once a month probably not worth your time to get the cards i would probably avoided at that point for is the main reason to avoid this plugin that you cannot control your spinach.
If you can’t control your spending your opinion addicts and chance man credit. You’re not gonna pay your bill on time to not get this card it will wreck your life. If you want to learn more you have questions or comments. They’re gonna help you make better decisions throughout your life in the areas of finances investing taxes so many more subject.

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